“WoodFloorLicker” Brian

Brian, was born and raised in New Jersey and now resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He owned and operated the famous, which previously boasted a listenership of thousands of people a day from all over the world.

Brian is (and has been for the last five years), the host of “The Radio Freaks” and you probably know him from his O&A “fame” under the pseudo-name and show reference “WoodFloorLicker” (no, it has nothing to do with The Home Depot). He enjoys long walks on the beach, stand-up comedy, porn, and self deprecating himself at most hours of the day, for the amusement of others. He is happily married (sorry, ladies) and is also a fan of the New York Giants, New York Mets and New York Rangers, which Tony does not approve of.

When Brian isn’t on the radio, he is heavily involved as an EMT and EMT Instructor in his local community.

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